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If that’s all you’re keeping an eye on, you’re most likely missing a variety of messages that only mention your brand by a variation of your name or shout out a product. On top of that, it certainly gets time consuming to switch between so many separate apps to make sure you’re on top of it all. A deeper dive into the data reveals which topics will best pique consumers’ interest. While consumers usually want information about products and services, they also want to learn what makes a brand unique.

Buffer enables you to schedule content – pack Buffer full of the content you want to be posted throughout the day and it’ll automatically send them through to your chosen social media profiles. Buffer enables you to manage Facebook fan Pages and groups, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, Twitter profiles, Pinterest accounts, and Google+. Once content is posted, you can use Buffer’s analytics tools to determine what is working and what isn’t. The key to gathering the data you need is using a great social media monitoring tool, or tools. These programs monitor everything about user behavior – you can track keywords, hashtags, URLs, and much more.

Bots enable you to have an instant social media response time, albeit without an in-person rep present. The idea here isn’t to totally copy-and-paste your social customer services. In reality, brands should find a balance between speed and personalization. Poor customer service costs businesses up to $75 billion in the United States alone.

Prioritize Your Social Mentions Based On Urgency

One issue I am currently experiencing is that the contract with the advertising agency we used to do our social media has been cancelled. No keyword monitoring, no RSS feeds, posting is basic and doesn’t take advantage of most API features on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook – lazy developers.

Like many other similar tools, this software helps you benchmark your social media performance against that of your rivals. Even more, they also help you track likely crisis before they arise so you are able to make informed decisions. Meltwater’s AI engine helps you listen to relevant social media conversations, and gather historical audience data to make more informed marketing decisions. Hootsuite isn’t just a social media management software; this tool also provides social insights by monitoring relevant conversations on social media.

You can also use social listening to identify influencers who have clout in your industry. Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular as the number and impact of micro-influencers has continued to grow across every industry and social media network.

But for Employee team advocacy, you’ll probably want to go for a dedicated tool that just does that. Unfortunately, that’s not a tool I’ve looked into in much detail. Social media management tools are particularly important for teams- not just for delegating social media tasks and managing updates. If you are managing social media accounts amongst a team, you should NOT be sharing social networking passwords. What would happen if one of your team moves jobs or is sacked or if they’re a victim of a phishing attack?

The History Of The Sprout

Hootsuite’s stream is built on columns that emulate TweetDeck’s format for tracking followers, hashtags, and news feeds. The columns are dedicated to a social media account or specific activity that a user wishes to monitor.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your industry, what your competitors are talking about, and identify any gaps. At the end of the day, you will find more opportunities to reach your audience, provide two-way communication with them, and see what is happening in your industry. The customer service, content marketing, and product development teams could all benefit from what you learn when you’re listening on social media.

It also shows the people and brands that most frequently talk about and get mentioned with your business. Whether you’re tracking a recruiting event, conference, show or sporting event, you can get a complete understanding of whether the message that your audiences received resonated with your goals.

How important is it to monitor and limit your social media intake?

Social media monitoring helps you find everything that’s relevant to you on social media and gives you a deeper understanding of the conversations happening about you and your brand.

Alternatively, you can build your own widgets if you wish to work with a product not yet supported. Social Media Intelligence Suite is a social listening platform that monitors businesses’ online presence and provides their clients with actionable insights.

They might have specific questions you could answer by tweaking your social listening setup. Your customers are telling you what they want from your brand. If you care about them, you need to take a look at the insights you might gain from social listening. Where social media monitoring looks at metrics like engagement rate and number of mentions, social listening looks beyond the numbers to consider the mood behind the data.

You can create a social listening topic that monitors social channels for your brand name and then dig through the themes. Both social listening and social media monitoring are critical for brands, and there’s not a totally black and white distinction between the two–it’s a spectrum spanning the two. There are plenty of social media monitoring tools to help you keep track of more data and identify the most important information. Learn how to use one (or all!) of these social media monitoring tools that will help you track and manage online conversations relevant to your brand. Monitoring competitor’s brand names tells you how they’re doing and what people are saying about them.

When you only post promotional content 20% of the time, users will be more likely to act on your message. If you post about products, sales, and discount offers too often, it isn’t special and the user will tune it out. You may have heard that varying your social media content according to the 80/20 rule can boost engagement with your audience and help build your business’s following.

Did the key areas that you invested the most effort into actually produce the most returns, or were opportunities social media monitoring overlooked? With social listening, you can get a deeper insight into audience reaction to events.

It helps you gain insights about each Facebook post, as well as what types of posts garner the best results. It can even go as far as telling you what days and times of the week to post and what the ideal lengths your posts should be. When it comes to features, Buffer can go toe-to-toe with almost any platform on this list. It has useful scheduling and publishing tools that help you plan effective social campaigns. It’s reports and analytics monitor your team’s performance by measuring engagement and audience behavior.

It also gives you a sense of what the industry’s audience likes and dislikes are, which is valuable research for your product or service. For example, you could try monitoring “why ” or ” help.” Their lack of social listening and problem-solving capability could mean an opportunity for you to find out what users expect. Good customer service includes listening and responding to product feedback, questions, and complaints on social media.

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You can also manage social media accounts by scheduling posts across multiple platforms. If more than one person is handling a social media account, you can also delegate tasks.

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